Keeping your aquarium water clear and clean is one of the best things you can do for the health and well being of your fish, corals, and live plants.

Coralife offers several options to help you accomplish this goal depending on your aquatic set up and filtration needs.

Product Series

Pure-Flo filter pads offer a highly efficient method for removing debris and particulate matter from your aquarium water. The result is a clear and clean aquarium that both you and your livestock will appreciate. Designed to remove unwanted particles while allowing selective passage of beneficial microbes that help maintain a healthy aquatic ecosystem.

  • Durable polyester construction
  • Machine washable and reusable
  • Can be cut to fit any mechanical filter application
  • Original, 50 Micron, 100 Micron, and Coarse varieties
  • For saltwater or freshwater aquariums

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Product Photos

  • Pure-Flo Filter Pad
  • Pure-Flo Course Filter Pad

Biological filtration is accomplished by promoting the growth of beneficial nitrifying bacteria within the aquarium filter or refugium. The beneficial bacteria convert toxic ammonia and waste proteins into nitrates that are more easily removed from the aquatic ecosystem typically through...

Although compact in size, Bio-Balls provide a large surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow due to the unique construction and geometric design of the one inch round balls. Typically used in sump filtration systems, Bio-Balls are a good choice for adding biological filtration to your aquatic system.

  • One inch round geometric design
  • Large surface area in a small size
  • Available in one gallon and five gallon pack sizes

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Product Photos

  • BioBalls1